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The Five Islands of Koh Haa – a Diving and Snorkeling Paradise in Thailand

Thailand is notable as an incredible spot for jumping and swimming, with many travel guides suggesting the endless areas along its tropical coastline, anyway to numerous individuals, the five islands of Koh Haa offer a remarkable encounter for the two jumpers and swimmers. Arranged only 10km from the south-west tip of Koh Lanta, Koh Haa is effectively available and highlights a few amazing zones for jumping and swimming.

The warm, clear waters of this little island bunch are home to numerous astounding sights and there is a wide and assorted assortment of marine life that you are probably going to get a brief look at a few uncommon and slippery species, from nudibranchs and ocean moths to frog fish and seahorses, and surprisingly a periodic whale shark smoothly going through. Koh Haa is in every case loaded with shocks.

For swimmers, amateur jumpers and more experienced jumpers, there is something at Koh Haa for everybody, an encounter enormously upgraded by utilizing an educated andaman tourism plunging or swimming aide who will ensure you appreciate everything this special heaven has to bring to the table.

Koh Haa Lagoon

The tidal pond is an undisputed top choice of numerous a guests to Koh Haa. It is a shallow, ensured region that lies between 3 of the islands, loaded with both delicate and hard coral, and giving a protected nursery-style region for some adolescent fish species.

The shallow and perfectly clear water makes it an astounding spot for attempt jumps, scuba plunging courses, swimming and air pocket creators. The tidal pond is ideal for any family day out in heaven. Kids from age 8 can move into the submerged world, turning into an air pocket creator in a simple, protected and energizing jump insight.

The perceivability of the tidal pond region is consistently dynamite Going from 18 to 30 meters, this is incredible information for jumpers and swimmers the same. The two islands which encompass the tidal pond are ideal for both guaranteed jumpers and jumpers who have had some break from the submerged world. With a normal profundity of 5 to 30 meters, the most ideal approach to get however much out of your plunge as could be expected is to design your excursion around the islands of Koh Haa Two and Four.

All through this plunge, you are probably going to spot, yellow boxfish, hawksbill and green turtles, joined ocean snakes, lionfish, panther and dark tip reef sharks, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, squid, barracuda and innumerable schools of exotic fish – the rundown is interminable Like any jump site, the tidal pond has its lasting occupants. An occupant most loved must be Pete the porcupine fish. His well disposed face will pursue you around your whole tidal pond plunge, causing you to feel at one with his reality.

For full scale photography lovers, the tidal pond and any remaining Koh Haa islands offer incalculable freedoms for the patient and sharp jumper. Phantom pipefish, seahorses, nudibranch, ocean moths, frogfish and different shrimp are on the whole routinely spotted, and that is simply to give some examples.