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Customer’s experience of buying apparel from a showroom is very different from the experience of purchasing from a website. In a showroom, the customer can feel and contact the texture, pose more inquiries to the salesperson, and take a gander at oneself in the mirror with that dress. Be that as it may, in an online retail, none of this is possible. The absence of a physical store is definitely disadvantage for e-commerce businesses. Often this makes it hard to impress the conventional customers, who are not comfortable with the idea of confiding in a business which has no address except for a web address as a URL. The younger generation of customers, being internet smart, is more open to the idea of online shopping. Yet an e-commerce venture needs to make special efforts to appear as a credible and reliable venture. To overcome this trust deficit, there are few tried and tested arrangements which any e-commerce venture can implement and achieve heightened success. These arrangements are simple.

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In case of a genuine showroom, the customer experience begins from the moment the entryway is opened for him by the grinning security monitor. In case of a website however there is no such instance. Therefore to make the customer feel that they are being welcomed with warmth, it is imperative to convey a greeting. This should be possible by springing up a welcome message for the guest, the moment they open the site. Justin Woll Review that the e-commerce business succeeds in doing this, then rest assured they have made an everlasting initial introduction by causing the customers to feel special. The customers setting off to a showroom are approached by the well-groomed sales representatives the very next minute of their entry. These sales representatives capture the requirements of the customer and in like manner demonstrate the relevant things to them. For example when a customer enters in a showroom of clothes, he tells that he is searching for a couple of denims.

The sales representative then appropriately directs the customers to the relevant counter. On the counter, again assistance is provided in selecting the correct shading and right attack of the denims. In case a website needs to provide an equivalent experience of customer service, then they ought to have an online talk emotionally supportive network. The agents, through online talk, ought to interact with the customers, approach them what they are searching for, and help them discover it inside the site. Route of the site ought to be facilitated for the online customer. Aside from this, all the e-commerce ventures ought to have a customized CRM arrangement which will help them manage their relationships with each customer. CRM can be developed by offshore CRM Solution services providers at a reasonable price, which will make it affordable for the little and medium businesses of e-commerce too. So all the online ventures ought to select the aforesaid arrangements and make enhance their credibility.